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  • Edge Entertainment | Graphic Gems

    Edge Entertainment Deano www.edgeentertainment.ca This logo was a rebrand for Edge Entertainment. ​ Website created in WIX October 2022

  • Royal Appliance Repair | Graphic Gems

    Royal Appliance Repair Sharron Borson www.royalappliancerepair.ca This logo and mascot was a fun project to create and design for the Airdrie Royal Appliance Repair small business that was just taking off. ​ Website created in WIX May 2020 Having A Bad Day... Fix It With Coffee

  • Graphic Design | Graphic Gems | Airdrie

    Search Home Self Portrait Created with Symbols Pearlynne Gourlie GRAPHIC DESIGNER/WEB DEVELOPER est. 2014 Pearlynne spent her younger years being raised abroad and for the last decade, she has settled into the small community of Airdrie AB. Supporting community is a big part of what Pearlynne believes in; being open and available to invest her time and energy into the small businesses offering services as she does. Graphic Design was a package of skills she earned by default. She had a wonderful role model in the creative world who was her inspiration and encouragement. Her mother. She was an editor/publisher and writer using Microsoft and Publisher. ​ Pearlynne began her graphic design journey in 2014 when she upgraded her Microsoft skills at Bow Valley College with honours. Later in 2017 she completed a two year Graphic Design course with focus in Adobe Applications finishing with honours. Graphic Design for Pearlynne was a great opening for her in the world of Web Design. In 2020 she completed two courses: Web Tech Digital Marketing and Web Marketing with focus on Web Coding and SEO. 2021 saw Pearlynne getting Velo Certified. WPM PROFESSIONAL MY KNOWLEDGE LEVEL IN SOFTWARE WIX 95% PHOTOSHOP 75% ILLUSTRATOR 95% INDESIGN 90% WIX 95% MICROSOFT WORD 95% EXCEL 85% POWERPOINT 95% 51 WEB Development PORTFOLIO Graphic PORTFOLIO Logos | Posters | Resumes | Illustrations| Advertisements CONTACT Please feel free to contact me to get a free quote on your upcoming passion project. I would be more than happy to see your vision come to life! ​ info@graphicgems.com (403)-805-3329 First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting! Design must seduce , shape, and more importantly, must invoke an emotional response April Greiman

  • Daytona Beach Seafood Tacos | Graphic Gems

    Lesley & Dean Stasiuk www.dbstacos.com www.dbstacos.com DAYTONA BEACH SEAFOOD TACOS www.dbstacos.com www.dbstacos.com I had the pleasure of working with Lesley and Dean Stasiuk on their Food Truck Project the last couple of months. Her passion for cooking took shape after being let go from a job of 35 years due to Covid. This referral came to me from my husband, who works with Dean. I am honoured to have been a part in bringing their Daytona Beach Taco Food Truck to an online presence. ​ Website created in WIX August 2022 Daytona Beach Seafood Tacos DAYTONA BEACH SEAFOOD TACOS DAYTONA BEACH SEAFOOD TACOS DAYTONA BEACH SEAFOOD TACOS

  • CLS Bookkeeping Services and Bookkeeping | Graphic Gems

    Cheryl Sproat cls.bookkeepingservicesconsulting@outlook.com www.clsbookkeepingservicesandconsulting.com www.clsbookkeepingservicesandconsulting.com www.clsbookkeepingservicesandconsulting.com Cheryl Sproat is a dedicated and reliable Bookkeeper/Consultant who brings 30 years of experience in the financial and customer relations services industries to her day to day work. Cheryl's clients benefit from her attention to detail and positive, enthusiastic attitude. ​ She has 8+ years of experience with small to medium businesses and is knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of CRA requirements. Cheryl is proficient in several accounting software and she offers a wide variety of Services starting with Data Entry all the way to Employee Payroll. You decide what works best for you and your business. ​ Website created in WIX October 2022 CLS Bookkeeping Services and Consulting Coffee First Then Month End

  • Web Development | Graphic Gems

    Websites Website curb appeal is important for your business as this is the face representing your company. Graphic Gems is responsible for designing and developing your website and website applications. Using a variety of programming languages and web technologies, we manage site functionality, implement application features, and integrate security measures. As well, we plan, create and design front end internet sites and web pages, many of which combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics and video clips. Our business is responsible for creating the design and layout of a website or web pages. We design websites that work well both on desktop and mobile that are responsive and adaptive design. Corporate Business Website James and Associates created in WIX Website/Car Analogy Think of your website as your car. You can build your car or have someone else build it but it cannot go anywhere. Your car needs ownership and license plate just as your website needs a domain. Your car needs insurance so it can be seen on the road just as your website needs a Plan to be able to be published and for it to be recognized by Google and other search engines. Your car needs gas. This is the cost to your website builder to take your website from vision state to being seen on all search engines. On occasion your car will need an oil change or other forms of maintenance. This is true for your website as well if your website requires regular updates or changes. These are extra costs. Construction Claims Consultant James and Associates created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT Vietnamese Restaurant Petite Saigon created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT Facials | Waxing | Lashes Patybelle Aesthetics created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT Custom Crafts Pink Flamingo Designs created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT English & Western Tack Tombstone Tack Shop created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT Off Site Administration PREO created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT Piano and Flute Private Lessons Music with Pearlynne created in WIX WEB DEVELOPMENT Seafood Taco Truck Daytona Beach Seafood Tacos created in WIX

  • Mock Ups | Graphic Gems

    Ultimately, a mockup serves as a visual draft of what a web page or graphic image could look like. It is created to bring life to an idea or wireframe and allows a designer to test how various visual elements work together. Water Park Ad created in Illustrator Graphic Resume ​ created in Illustrator MOCK UPS Work Van Decals created in Illustrator MOCK UPS MOCK UPS MOCK UPS iPad Website View ​ created in Illustrator MOCK UPS Self Portrait Framed ​ created in Illustrator MOCK UPS MOCK UPS MOCK UPS "Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room." Pamphlet ​ created in Illustrator MOCK UPS MOCK UPS MOCK UPS MOCK UPS MOCK UPS Mock Ups Calendar ​ created in Illustrator Coasters created in Illustrator Newsletter created in InDesign Magazine Layout created in Illustrator Logo ​ created in Illustrator Music Festival Ad ​ created in Illustrator Business Store Sign ​ created in Illustrator Children's Book ​ created in Illustrator

  • Mer Maid's Cleaning Co. Ltd. | Graphic Gems

    Merlo De Los Reyes www.mermaidscleaningcoltd.com www.mermaidscleaningcoltd.com www.mermaidscleaningcoltd.com www.mermaidscleaningcoltd.com This was a referral project! Thank you to James and Associates for referring me to put together the business front of Mer Maid's Cleaning Co. Ltd. It was such a pleasure working with and getting to know Merlo and bringing her business passion to life:) ​ Website created in WIX May 2022 Mer Maid's Cleaning Co. Ltd. Mer Maid's Cleaning Co. Ltd. Mer Maid's Cleaning Co. Ltd. Mer Maid's Cleaning Co. Ltd. Let us take care of professional cleaning While you sit back and enjoy your coffee

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